Trauma Center Internship

BRAIN CENTER Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Trauma Center Internship


Students interested in this opportunity, please complete the Internship Application.

The BRAIN (Building Resilience across Ages Through Integrative Neuroscience) Center at the University of Memphis is now providing counseling services to Trauma patients and their caregivers at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Counseling services provided at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital aim to strengthen the social-emotional health of patients and families who have been affected by various life-altering events upon admission. Student interns will work at Le Bonheur Hospital as part of an integrated behavioral health team screening for acute stress and behavioral health concerns, and providing evidenced based counseling interventions for children and families seen in the Inpatient and Outpatient Trauma Clinic. This opportunity is open to both doctoral and masters-level students and is available for internship only. Upon start date, students will undergo an extensive Le Bonheur onboarding process and obtain multiple evidenced-based counseling certifications.

Expectations of Student Interns:

1. Evaluate pediatric trauma patients and their families for at-risk mental health symptoms in addition to conducting an ACEs and Acute Stress Screener.
2. Provide individual and group counseling sessions for patients and families treated Inpatient and at the Outpatient Trauma Clinic who are in need of mental health services.
3. Round with the trauma team and participate in multidisciplinary team meetings.
4. Register for this internship opportunity for 2 semesters due to the extensive on-boarding process required by Le Bonheur Hospital.

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