Tegan J Reeves

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Tegan Jemma Reeves is a postdoctoral research fellow for the BRAIN CENTER. Recently graduated with a PhD from the Counseling, Education Psychology and Research department at The University of Memphis, the focus of her research is the mind-body relationship to learning and betterment through integrative therapy and instruction. Studying yoga, Tegan and her team have developed a model of instructional influences on the therapy and practice with an aim of providing an accessible instrument for yoga research.  The trajectory of work includes presentations and collaborations across multiple disciplines such as clinical psychology, experimental psychology, and instruction curriculum and leadership, as well as multiple institutions such as University of California at San Diego and Harvard University.


Bridging disciplines and institutions stems from Tegan’s pre-graduate school career. As the former Executive Director and sought-after speaker, she gained extensive experience in movement education and leadership across the globe. But what informs her work most directly is Tegan’s experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher, dating back to her undergraduate studies at Iowa State University. Tegan hopes to contribute to the field of mind-body therapies as a passionate yoga teacher, seasoned leader, and dedicated researcher.

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