Surabhi Naik

Pic_1Surabhi Naik, Ph.D. is currently a graduate student in the bioinformatics program at the University of Memphis. She received her Ph.D. in biology from India and has postdoctoral experience in infection biology and genomics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

She has worked on constructing weighted gene correlation networks to understand the complex regulation of host-pathogen interaction in the development of treatment therapies. She is the co-founder of ChitoArmor, an antimicrobial and biodegradable paste to fight against infection. She is currently a student member of University of Memphis’s Crews Center for Entrepreneurship.   Pic_2

Her research interest are in the fields of biostatistics, bioinformatics, data science and database management. She is particularly interested in data analysis, integrating clinical data and epigenetics and developing statistical methods to predict the outcome of adverse conditions which will provide insights into clinical research.

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