A type of biofeedback, neurofeedback uses a map of brain waves to train (we call it condition) the brain. If you were to do it this is what it would look like.

First, you put on a fancy cap with electrodes on it. But the cap is just reading your brain patterns not stimulating them.  You do that yourself! It is called operant conditioning (yep, just like Pavlov’s dog).

Then, you watch a computer screen.

Thats it!

Really.  It’s that easy.  The way it works is through giving you a video to watch (a stimulus) and when all of the different kinds of waves in your brain are functioning in the most optimal level for you (a response) then the video plays.  This creates a calm state in which your brain is allowed to function optimally.  And the more you practice this state, the stronger those muscles get.  Think of it like practicing for a sport… the more you practice the better you get. But an athlete doesn’t just get stronger at the sport.  Practicing also makes a person stronger overall.

IMG_3044Cool huh!  This therapy has been used in all sorts of ways.  We think it is perfect for our mission – supporting development. We know that there is so much brain activity during adolescence and that a lot of things could harm that development like trauma.  So why not go straight to the brain to help!

It’s important to note that not all neurofeedback training technologies are the same!  We use an empirically validated program through New Mind Technology.



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