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About Us

BRAIN Center Memphis is a transdisciplinary clinical and research collaborative with the aim of advancing evidence-based practice and policy through neuroscience-informed interventions. Through generous funding from the Memphis Research Consortium, BRAIN Center Memphis (Building Resilience across Ages through Integrative Neuroscience) was founded in 2017 by Dr. Eraina Schauss and colleagues from the departments of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research, Public Health, Criminology & Criminal Justice, with the aim of advancing mental health treatment, training, research and policy through evidence-based practice and advocacy. Since that time, the BRAIN Center Memphis team has provided mental health services to over 3,000 children and families in the Memphis metropolitan region, established a new standard of mental healthcare in hospitals for pediatric trauma patients, trained a labor force in hospital-based mental health services, published ground-breaking research in the field of pediatric trauma, and has been awarded 11 extramural grants totaling $2.4 million dollars. 


Our overarching goal is to develop and implement a new standard of care in the pediatric trauma & integrative behavioral health programs across the US healthcare system.


To provide a comprehensive & holistic approach to pediatric patients dealing with traumatic mental and physical distress by providing a program that encompasses training, education & research that can be implemented within a healthcare systems. We provide the tools necessary to incorporate this new standard of care within a hospital setting and help build the necessary infrastructure for an integrated behavioral health program.

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